1. To Find which Zone you need to use you need the Zit Tool http://zit/Default.aspx
  2. Type a phone number in the area that you want a local number and press “Click to Query”
  3. If there is numbers in that zone area then it will be displayed here
  4. Open Test account number 90009586 in the new wholesaler provisioning portal
  5. Click on the Actions Dropdown and click on Add new service 
  6. Click on Cerillion Tab up the top, note Wholesalers do not have this only we do as the administrators
  7. Select number of numbers, 1, or more 10, 20, 100 etc whatever size range is required
  8. Under Line Type dropdown select the Zone for Example TX01 is for Sydney Business numbers and click search
  9. A list of available Sydney rages will be displayed you can give the list to Wholesalers 
  10. Once a Wholesaler has requested a range you can reserve the range for them in Cerillion
  11. Open Cerillion and Click up the Top on Configuration Tab 
  12. Then Click on the left had side where it will say Reserve Access Numbers 
  13. Select the Line type on the right hand side select the zone for example TX01 for Sydney Business numbers
  14. In the Allocation Status box select Unallocated
  15. In the Access number box type the number that you want to reserve. If a Range you can put * or ** instead of the 0’s for example for a 10 number range 029015212* or for a 100 number range 02901521** 
  16. Click on Search 
  17. Tick all of the numbers and in the Reservation Reason box put the Wholesaler Account number and short reason and click on Reserve
  18. Advise the Wholesaler to add the number / range of numbers using the new Wholesale provisioning portal use the Actions Menu add a service and the Port tab and add them as if they were ported numbers and then configure the services / add licences etc after that. The system will automatically take the numbers out of Reserved and make them available to the wholesaler.