You should confirm a MAC address is available before attaching it to a service using: Search for a MAC address status


  1. Search for the number in Cerillion and it should bring up the service if it is active


  1. From the service number on the left hand side and click on 'View Equipment'


  1. Confirm the service is not attached to an ATA or Phone already


  1. Click on Service Summary again so you can see the address etc


  1. Open the same number in a Second Cerillion Screen 'Ctrl+N' and under account on the left hand side Click on the Sales and Post Sales


  1. Click on Browse Catalogue and in the dropdown select “Wholesale”


  1. Select Wholesale Hardware and click on Add (Note: Only Click once; multiple clicks will incur multiple actions)


  1. Wait for a minute for it to process will clear the screen on the left hand side and then click on Basket up the top on the left hand side


  1. For the product you have added, click on Options on the right hand side. You will get a list of the Hardware you can attach to the phone, select the correct one the most common is the Wholesale Voice Box 100 (Obi 100 voicebox)


  1. Put a Tick in the box then on the right hand side put a bullet in the box next to Replacement Hardware - $0.00 so it will not charge the wholesaler for a phone and click save


  1. Confirm that the hardware has been added correctly and that the order has $0 charge and click on Configure


  1. Click back on the first Cerillion window and copy the address of the phone number, pasting it in the order in your second window


  1. Wait about 10 seconds and you should get a next button appear, down the bottom right hand corner click on this
  2. Click back on the first Cerillion window and copy the phone number this time. Then Click on the second window again
  3. Click on Existing Service for the account 
  4. Then press Ctrl F which should bring up the find box paste the number in from the first screen Click in the find box and under the Existing Service for the account. You should see the number is highlighted
  5. Put a tick in the box next to this number and click on Next at the bottom right hand of the screen
  6. In the Mac Address Box copy the Mac address from the Email
  7. Make sure you check the first Cerillion Screen about half way down there will be a Wholesaler account No Box if there is a number in here make sure you copy this into the second screen under Mac address the last box is for this Wholesaler account No
  8. Then Click Next and Click on Finished
  9. From the Buy Basket (bottom Left) - in the dropdown select “Voip Only Provide and Activate immediately” and Click on Proceed
  10. This should be very quick 1 minute or so to complete from here
  11. To confirm it is completed click back on the first Cerillion Window that you opened and Under service click on View Equipment and you should see the device you just added with a Status of Current.